The story about us

Born into a family of jewelers

Being born into a family of jewelers has left its mark on my career. I have been surrounded by jewelers my entire life. My Father, Hovaness Khatchadourian , started his goldsmith career in Aleppo, Syria at the age of 11 alongside his three brothers, learning from old Masters the craftsmanship of goldsmith, designing and manufacturing jewelry since 1946.

In my early teenage years, I was drawn to my Father’s jewelry workshop, fascinated by the intricate work being done there. That’s when I quickly set my heart to follow in my father’s footsteps. In 1977 I was blessed to be introduced to one of the most prestigious Jewelry fashion houses of the Middle East ” Joalliers Negib Tabbagh” where I started my career as a Diamond Setter at the age of 20.


In 1979 I enrolled in the Academy of Goldsmiths & Jewelers in Paris, France, where I spent 6 months mastering several jewelry related techniques. Moving to San Francisco, CA in the summer of 1980, I established my very own design studio in the Phelan Bldg. moving to the San Francisco Giftcenter and Jewelry Mart in 1986.


Johnny my youngest son joined the business in March of 2010 at the age of twenty after attending the GIA “Robert Mouawad” campus in Carlsbad, CA. completing both Jewelry Design and Diamond grading courses.


Today, I believe the combination of my 40 years plus experience in old jewelry mfg. techniques, Diamond setting, the partnerships we have established with overseas diamond cutting companies & fine gemstone dealers (thus eliminating middle men) in addition to Johnny’s education & experience in CAD designs, has created a strong, experienced & professional team.


Craftsmanship & Design

Although Craftsmanship & Design are two different topics, in Jewelry they do go hand in hand, during the process of designing a piece of jewelry, a few factors are taken into consideration depending on the designer, for me I like my pieces to have contrast, thus mixing metal colors, Platinum with Yellow & Rose Gold, white with yellow gold, sometimes even mixing different gemstones, thus creating a color contrast.


Creating smooth, curving, flowing lines or a more straight edgy line reflects my personality, enabling to express myself thru my designs. I make sure that my designs be unique, rigid, but yet wearable & comfortable, after all what is the purpose of wearing a piece of jewelry when it’s not comfortable wearing it.


Craftsmanship, involves paying attention to detail during the manufacturing process, making sure the piece will be strong & rigid, offering the client years of wear & tear, for gemstones to be set securely in each piece, buffing & polishing, thus yielding a smooth & brilliant finish.


We believe that a happy & satisfied client is the BEST reward, in appreciation for a job well done.


Designing a piece of jewelry for a client, is very similar to having a suite custom made, it should fit the customer’s style & be comfortable to wear. This is achieved by first understanding what the customer has in mind, a ring, pendant or earrings? Understand what the customer wants to use this piece for, is it for casual wear or a more formal occasion? Then of course the budget comes in play, does the client have a price range in mind?


Once all that is decided, the next phase will be deciding what metals & gemstones to use, after which we would be producing a rough drawing of the piece working with the client, once the rough drawing is approved by the client, we will produce a color/ black & white rendering of the design or a 3D CAD design which can be very easily modified according to the clients requests. Once the CAD designed is finalized a wax model might be produced for the client’s final approval, the final process is casting, fabricated & finishing the piece.


Our goal is to make the clients “Dream come true”.